Ryan Bater was born in 1993. Raised in a Welsh industrial steel seaside town. He spent most of his childhood being surrounded by countryside and wildlife. Themes still prevalent in his work today through his love of colour and nature. He discovered his fascination of taking portraits at the age of 14. Exploring the realms of colour, emotion and the subtle nuances that make everyone unique. Ryan quickly found that he had a knack for connecting with his subjects. Fast forward four years, Ryan was head hunted to become a professional retoucher and art director at a group of high street fashion brands where he continued to develop and hone his craft – understanding further the importance of lighting and composition.

In 2014, Ryan moved to London where he expanded his business by joining with fellow creative, Joshua Street. Since then the two have been inseparable and unrelenting in their journey to master their craft and take their imagery to new heights. Since coming together Ryan & Josh have amassed a strong and unique body of work. Their goal is to create unforgettable. timeless photographs, while providing nothing short of truly personalised experience each and every time. Ryan & Josh currently live in the countryside together just outside of London, UK and are available for bookings worldwide.

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For all inquiries please email: info@ryanbater.co.uk or call: (+44) 07800 7373 00