Details for Lucy's Magazine Aug, 2017

One light beauty setup


Photographed earlier this year in our Prague studio, 'Details' is published in the August print issue of Lucy's Magazine over 6 pages. Focusing on natural skin tones, with a hint of vibrant colours & details throughout. Modelled by the beautiful Sandra Jančíková @ Elite Models, makeup by Tereza Visage using 100% vegan cosmetics.  


We wanted to challenge ourselves, and use a really simple affordable lighting setup for once. Easy to fit in your hand luggage, and great if your on a budget. For this setup we used the Godox Soft Octobox in 120cm, shot against a black material background (£5.00) from a local fabric store. We were super impressed with the diffusion of light, perfect for a simple portrait & beauty setup! We had the modifier placed around 1.2 metres from Sandra. We used a standard Sony flashgun for our light source, and a silver sided reflector on the black table directly below her for those all important catchlights!


Below are some fun out takes: 


Lighting Modifier: